Alegria do Norte 2024

Stockholm Forró Festival

What an amazing weekend we all had!

We couldn’t have done it without your outstanding participation. You are what makes the festival a success.

This festival has been organized by the Forró Stockholm team: Alicja, Andrea, Erika, Johanna, Jammaria, Katja, Karin, Lars, Livia, Hugo, Ana, Muss.

Thank you to Forró de Ka and Cainã for traveling all the way to Stockholm and giving us incredible energy and music. It was an honor to have you here.

Thank you to DJ Tau, DJ Chinedu, and DJ Jam for the most amazing tunes, making it impossible to stand still! Thank you again, Jammaria, for making the sound perfect the whole weekend!

A big thank you to the fantastic teachers: Tau Macedo, Yse Goés, Ian Martinelle, Lovisa Österberg, Chinedu, Marcus Detective, Maya Jönsson, Johanna Sontheimer, Jammaria, Andrea for sharing your knowledge and bringing your amazing energy, inspiring us all to keep learning more and more!

Another big thank you to Lovisa, Ian, and our local students who trained hard for months to perform an amazing choreography on the first night of the festival.

Thank you to our dear volunteers for helping us. You always have our backs. Special thanks to Erica for doing a lot for Forró Stockholm.

And thank you to Kris and Gustavo for hosting our pre-party on Thursday.

Thank you, Kebba, for keeping our artists fed throughout the weekend.

Thank you, Motel L, for letting us use your amazing venue for workshops and parties, and for the wonderful staff that supported us.

And most of all, again, a big thank you to everyone who came to Stockholm this weekend to share the festival with us. Without you, we could not make this happen. We will live on the energy you gave us for another year. We hope to see you in Stockholm again soon!

/ Alegria do Norte team

Where the nights are bright, and the spirits light!

Alegria do Norte is a dance festival that celebrates Brazilian culture, in particular Forró – a dance and music style from North-east of Brazil.

During 3 nights and 2 days we had the opportunity to enjoy live music and fantastic DJs, dancing and dance workshops with local and international artists and teachers!

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